For Authors and Indie Publishers Seeking Book Design Services . . . and More

Hard and Soft Cover Print Books
Publicity Materials


 I'll transform your word document 
into a
professionally designed print book and/or eBook.
~ Cover to Cover ~
I'll format all sections of your documentTitle Page, Copyright Page, Acknowledgments, Introduction, Preface, Prologue, Chapters, Epilogue, Appendix, Index, Notes, Resources, Illustrations, Photographs, etc.

I'll design the front and back covers using your vision, concepts, themes, graphic ideas, and color schemes, along with my design aesthetic. 

I'll manage the entire process of seeing your book through online POD and digital publication services in whatever form you like: paperback, hard cover, and/or digital reader.


* Professional book formatting and unique, engaging book cover design*
I offer soft and hard cover book and digital reader formatting, cover design, and publication at POD and ereader services.  

 *Customized personal journals, business calendars, yearly calendars, and guest books, 
materials to showcase your book, business, interests, and/or talents*
I offer professional formatting, design, publication and printing
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I offer ongoing, personal service through email, phone, snail mail, and face-to-face meetings.     

When I'm working on your project, you'll have my full attention.
You'll have my email address, home address, and phone number, so if you need to contact me about your project details or updates, feel free.

I'll answer your questions, brainstorm ideas, help you revise,  welcome your suggestions, offer mine, and generally discuss anything - so your project is what you want it to be.  


Here is a sampling of my book covers, business journals, and bookmarks.

Each project is custom designed.
Click on a book to view a larger image.

I'll design your projects and have them printed at a professional printing service.  
They'll be attractive and reasonably priced.

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